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biblical texts

In the blue hut
we are interested in biblical texts and discussions about them
  • we look out for intercontinental and intercultural projects concerning biblical texts
  • we wait for a discussion group to start on this site

  • Since 2013 we concentrate on a publication-project: "There is Something we Long For - Nous Avons un désir". Get more informations about it in the publication-hut

 Discussion Projects:
  • Since October  2012 :  "Hagar"(Gn 16) : Following the first discussion on the  "Bent woman", a second discussion is on way. We have got eleven  texts writen by  Tsena Malalaka members.  All the texts are in two languages: French and German. If yoy want to take part in the discussion, pleas write to the coordination.
  • Discussion closed in February 2012  "The Healing of the bent woman" (Luke 13.10-17) is the topic of the current discussion. We have 8 texts written by Tsena Malalaka members. If you want to take part, please contact the coordination.
  • In January 2011: Discussion in Zürich and Antananarivo .. about the article
„Confessional Western Text-centered biblical Interpretation               
and an oral or residual-oral context
by Jonathan A. Draper, (University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika,
in „Reading with“, African Overtures, Semeia 73)

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Document available in french and in english.

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