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In the purple hut
we shelter and discuss:
  • ideas for an euro-african conference, proposed and organized by Tsena malalaka 
  • other projects of interesting conferences concerning the theological intercontinental exchange
The texts of the seminar in Madagascar on "Listening" are available here

Les textes du séminaire à Madagascar sur "L'Ecoute" sont disponibles ici

Coming soon :
 Intercultural Seminar ! Madagascar, September 17 - 23, 2019
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conference  with Tsena Malalaka-member Sr. Josée Ngalula from Kinshasa, Congo RDC, in cooperation with the "Romero-house, took place on 11/12 January, 2013 in Lucerne, Switzerland . It was a great moment of intercultural exchange and encounter. Our issues: 
- Tendencies of African Theology of Women 
- Intercultural Debate about the initiations of women: What makes a woman a woman?
There  were also responses from Fidèle Houssou Gandonou, Susanne Kunz and Tania Oldenhage.

To read the handout (in French and German) of this conference, click here

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