orality and literacy

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„Confessional Western Text-centered biblical Interpretation               
and an oral or residual-oral context

(by Jonathan A. Draper, (University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika, in „Reading with“, African Overtures, Semeia 73)

Text:see below (pièces jointes: literacy and orality)

Tsena Malalaka-Member Tania Oldenhage writes:
Jonathan Draper’s essay raises questions about the significance of the Bibel as a written document that needs to be read in order to be understood. Confronted with the oral performance of the Bible among grassroots groups of black Christians in South Africa, Draper was forced to rethink his own assumption on the centrality of Scripture (Sola Scriptura). His essay is able to raise crictial questions also for us: How much is our own engagment with the Bible based on the assumption that this book is a text filled with letters that need to be read? Are there ways - beyond textuality - to make the Bible alive for us? In our mind, is there a world beyond text at all?
Tsena Malalaka Coordination,
14 déc. 2010 à 06:57