TSENA MALALAKA: a large area of exchange and encounter.

Association-Verein: Funds Tsena malalaka

Tsena malalaka is directly linked to the association Funds Tsena Malalaka - Verein Tsena malalaka-Fond, located in Zürich/Switzerland.

The fund is nourished by the contributions (optional) of the members of Tsena Malalaka (for the general expenses) and other contributions as well as by fund raising for specific projects. The fund serves as much as possible just as coverage, it provides a structure at the users' disposal. The responsibility of fund raising, etc. is given to those who are in charge of the respective concrete project.


We have given to the association "funds Tsena malalaka" a juridical form that ensures good control of all financial transactions.

Adress of the association:

Verein Tsena Malalaka Fonds

CH-8000 Zürich

Postal account: PC 85-160419-4

IBAN: CH 26 0900 0000 8516 0419 4