A short description of the project, Tsena Malalaka

Tsena Malalaka: Exchange forum for women theologians of Africa, Europe...

Personal relationships

We were led to the project of "Tsena Malalaka“ through personal contacts between African and European women theologians

  • We are driven by the desire to learn more about our different contexts of life, our respective faith traditions and church realities
  • We are interested in exchanging our thoughts on theological issues
  • We want to experience some kind of solidarity both spiritually and with regard to material concerns.

An open space

The name of our project is "Tsena Malalaka“. The term malagasy means "open space of exchange and encounter". It also refers to a market place. Connected to the idea of being in relation is the notion of an open space in the center. It offers room for an exchange of ideas, reflexions, experiences...but also for the possibility that relational structures and modes of exchange which have been established through history (by colonization, by patriarchy...) may be changed, reinvented, and may find new freedom.

A village with its huts

Going one step further in our imagination, we locate the open space of exchange and encounter in the center of a village consisting of different huts. Each hut hosts one particular theme and serves as a meeting point for people with the same interests. We talk about huts because they are imagined to be light constructions, apt to be easily constructed, deconstructed, moved to another place if necessary. They can adapt to movement.

Some Characteristics

"Tsena Malalaka“ is an open space, yet it has its characteristics (there is no space without delimitations).

  • We choose to have our exchange take place between women theologians. This allows us to include specific women's perspectives on the issues we discuss.
  • The exchange we envision takes place between Christian women theologians. We want to deepen and widen our Christian identity by facing our denominational, cultural and social differences.
  • We wish our exchange to take place between African and European Christian women theologians because this is how it all started. We are open to possible further developments.
  • There are no rules without exception...