Anastasie Masanga Maponda

Doctor of Theology, I was trained in the DRC, Cameroon and Switzerland. President of the Conference of Heads of Private and Public Educational and University Institutions in the Province of Kongo Central, I am Rector of the only State University in the Province of Kongo Central in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2011. During my career, I was Director of a Women's School, Academic General Secretary and Vice - Rector. I teach Systematic Theology, Ethics and Citizenship Education in Congolese Universities. I also taught at the Al Mowafaqa Institute in Morocco for 3 years. Promoted to Ordinary Professor in December 2019, I have published and led the publication of both books and I have written several articles on various themes, especially on Gender and Gender Difference published in different journals in Congo, South Africa and Switzerland. I have been the main trainer of the Pan-African Union of Women of the Christian Alliance in Africa (UPFAC) since its creation in 1994. I also coordinated the Circle of Concerned Women Theologians in francophone Africa for 12 years. For the past 4 years, I had chaired the Board of Directors of the Dynamique Femmes et Familles - Organisme Protestant d'Appui et de Soutien au Kongo Central. In 2015, I received the Award for Women's Leadership of the Province in the sector of Higher and University Education.

My interest in Tsena malalaka is above all openness towards the other, learning, exchange of experiences for mutual enrichment.