Juliette Razafiarisoa

I am an ordained pastor in the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar, known as FJKM. I was working as a pastor in a local church before but now, I am working in a theological college. I am married with a lay person. We have one boy (19) and one girl (17). We live in the College’s campus near by the national airport of Madagascar.

According to my background, mingling and sharing with different people are very important to me, (especially with different culture and nationality) to improve the ministry that the Lord entrust me. So I think that “Tsena Malalaka” is the best way to meet that need. In the other hand, I think that “ Tsena Malalaka” is a tool of women theologian to help each other, to share, to support and to give testimony in different ways. It is an opportunity of us to challenge the social view of women. Africa and Europe is really in contrast, but in Jesus we are one and we can break the barrier by our love and faith with one heart and mind. In “Tsena Malalaka” , we can speak out our own voice and light the light even to the very dark place. Who knows, may be by “Tsena malalaka”, readers will confess that Jesus is the Lord and saviour, unbeliever reader will meet Jesus. Amen! I pray and I hope that at least reader can find rest and secure by entering in one hut ( cabane) at “Tsena Malalaka”. There will be relax even it is temporarily home.