Mary Kategile

I am Mary Kategile, from Tanzania. I am a Pastor in the Moravian Church in Tanzania, from the Western Province-Tabora. I am a widow with seven children and lovely grandchildren. I am working with women in the Moravian Church in Tanzania. I did my Bachelor degree and Moravian Theological College, then I joined Moravian Seminary in Bethlehem Pennsylvania where I did my Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Currently I am pursuing my PhD at the Open University of Tanzania. My area of specialization is Church History and African Women Studies and gender studies. I am involved in different activities in empowering women and girls at different levels. I teach women rights, HIV/AIDS, entrepreneurship, gender issues. I am an advisor of Women Department in the Moravian Church in Tanzania. I love the Tsena Malalaka because of the fellowship with sisters from different places and spiritual inspirational.