Rojo Randrianarimanana

Rojo Hanitriniala Angela Randrianarimanana

My name is Rojo Hanitriniala Angela RANDRIANARIMANANA. I’m married and we have three children, all boys (11, 06, 03). I’m Malagasy.

I began studying theology at the Faculty of Theology of the University RAVELOJAONA Ambatonakanga Madagascar in 2013. Currently, I’m pursuing my MASTERS in Practical Theology. God willing, I will have finished this step by the end of 2022.

I am Pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (Reformed Church) in the parish of Ambohidratrimoanala, Synod Mananara Firaisana. district of Manjakandriana since 2018.

Concerning TSENA MALALAKA, I’ve heard about it by a woman Pastor who is close to me. I’ve asked for further information to Pastor Brigitte RABARIJAONA, who was my Old Testament lecturer at the Faculty of Theology of the University RAVELOJAONA. Not only has she given me satisfying information but she also encouraged me to enlarge interaction with others. As I checked what is the purpose of TSENA MALALAKA, I decided to become a member because, first of all, I am a woman theologian and I’m proud of it. Also, interaction with other women theologians is very crucial for social and self-development. It is one way to learn and to improve knowledges. Tsena Malalaka can afford these opportunities for everyone. Besides, It is an occasion to share what God has put in me. Therefore, I am very interested. The last but not the least reason for my desire to become part of TSENA MALALAKA is the Gospel. I am deeply convinced that, we women theologians have powerful impact in spreading the Gospel. The more we are together, the more powerful the Gospel will be spread. So, Let’s do it together.