Ruth Heckelsmüller

My interest in Tsena Malalaka is to connect with other women theologians who live in and reflect about a situation « between » these two continents and to grow in mutual understanding.

I am trained in theology and social work. Since more than 15 years I am in an intra- and intercultural dialogue with African (theological) issues, also from the point of view of an European and US-American ‘African diaspora’. To this contributed largely my African family-relationships (part of our family lives in R.D.Congo, my Congolese husband is specialised in African religions and philosophy).

Beside my interest in African feminist theology I am concerned about issues of Colonialism (European-African history, past and present, epistemic violence), African (traditional)Religions and art. I am especially related to and learning about Luba-Culture (Katanga, Congo).

I live mostly in South-West Bavaria (close to Munich, Germany) and Los Angeles, with long-term ties to Switzerland.