Soeur Josée Ngalula

I am a Congolese theologian (DRC) living in Kinshasa. I came to know Tsena malàlaka by Ina Praetorius, who regularly visits Kinshasa and has made the acquaintance of our association of women theologians here (ATHECAK).

From my theological training (France, Lyon), I am engaged in teaching theology in Catholic institutions since 1993 and I do a lot of training sessions in Christian congregations. I am also a researcher and writer: in addition to publications related to courses I teach, I am researching about "Women and Religion" in African societies.

So far I'm doing research about violence against women in connection with religion, with special interest in all the dramas that the Congo has known because of wars. My current project is to research and reflect on various aspects of women's empowerment in African societies and about the inspirations given by Christian faith concerning these realities.

Selected publications:

  • Josée Ngalula, Dieu dénonce et condamne les violences faites aux femmes, Kinshasa (Editions Mont Sinai) 2005
  • Josée Ngalula, Le pardon chrétien en service de la réconciliation et de la paix, in: Telema 2/2009 38-53
  • Josée Ngalula, Du pouvoir de la piété populaire. Enjeux théologiques de la crise kimbanguiste entre 1990 et 2005, Kinshasa (Travaux de la faculté de Théologie) 2007
  • Josée Ngalula, Jalons pour la promotion d'une tolérance interconfessionnelle à Kinshasa, in: Forum Mission 6/2010, Tolerance - Respect - Trust I, Luzern 2010, 118-135