Yvette Rabemila

I have been a pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar for 40 years during which I was parish pastor for only six years (I served in two parishes). IDuring the other years I have served in the Church administration, in theological teaching and as a person in charge of the missionaries in a missionary organization (the former London Missionary Society which became the Council for World Mission)

Alongside my full-time work, I have always been asked to handle various additional responsibilities within the Church in Madagascar and overseas, in committees.

Having been one of the first women pastors of my Church, I was repeatedly victimized by the dictatorship of my pastoral brethren at the beginning. It was necessary to prove that the Lord also called women to his service, and also prove sometimes that women can do as much as men if not more and better.

My interest in Tsena Malalaka is precisely the promotion of women's ministry. Tsena Malalaka is the ideal forum to encourage us to share our experiences, to learn from one another, and thus enrich each other in the service of the Risen One who has called us all to her service.